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 General Rules and Information

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PostSubject: General Rules and Information   Wed 30 Mar 2016, 23:16

Rules Compendium

  1. General Rules

    1. While account screen names can be modified, we would like to ask members to make sure the name is consistent with the name of the character that the account will be associated with.

      • Consequently, there is a limit of a single active character per account. Additional characters will require different account to correspond to them.
    2. Please make sure to read this rules listing in its entirety, as well as the information in the registration category (Found here) before going on to create your content. Staff will assume you have familiarized yourself with this information.
    3. On this forum, a rule concerning civility is in place for the entire forum: We ask members to be courteous to one another, and considerate about their behavior and actions. There is no need and no place for unwarranted aggressive or hateful behavior and language.
    4. And finally, if you have any questions pertaining to rules, regulations, or any aspect of the forum, do not hesitate to ask a staff member.

  2. Forum Rules

    1. The Rule of Civility applies here, and is pertinent to all areas of the forum in which members can communicate. This includes posting in the forum proper, private messaging, profile messaging and the chatbox.
    2. The authority of staff members should be respected so that the forum operates smoothly. Attempting to argue with staff about their decision with complaints/concerns that lack any sort of logical basis or legitimate error does not achieve much other than waste time and draw the ire and exhaustion of the staff member in question
      • This does not mean the authority of a Staff Member is absolute however. We are human beings and will make errors, which we will be happy to correct if notified of such. However, as we are also human beings, that means we are likely to react to hostile or aggressive demands in kind. Be courteous, be clear, and be patient.
      • There also exists the possibility of a Staff Member abusing their position of power and authority for their own purposes. This is unacceptable and a legitimate concern that can be brought to another staff member. Such complaints must be a legitimate grievance and misuse of power, so we will not be taking idle claims against a Staffer at face value.
    3. There is a clear distinction between OOC and IC sections. Please keep this in mind, as posts made in the In-Character/Universe sections should primarily be active role-playing content. The reason for this is that there is an experience points per post system in play, so excessive posting in IC sections without valid content can be seen as an attempt of points inflation. This is bad. Don't do it, please.
    4. As My Hero Academia is a shounen series, it has some mature content particularly in the form of violence and blood. As the ages of members can vary (from at least 13 as stated in Forumotion's Terms of Service), we will simply note that graphic content is permitted on this forum, and left up to personal member's tastes. No warning of any sort is necessary (and is left to member discretion), with the exception of more sexual content. Such content may also not be welcome on here and we ask members to employ common sense when posting and considering to put that on display.

  3. Posting Rules

    1. We urge members to make sure to read all preceding posts in any topic they intend to participate in, whether in an IC or OOC section.
      • For an IC topic, this is to avoid confusion about any events that have transpired, and hopefully so members will avoid contradicting events or wholesomely derailing the activity going on so far.
      • For an OOC topic, this is to avoid spam, topic necromancy and a whole host of unwelcome commentary or contribution that is meaningless to the subject at hand.
    2. There is a point-by-post system in play on this forum, which applies solely to the IC sections. We would like to remind members as such that any posts made in these sections must be pertinent, in-character, and of worthwhile content. Posts not containing in-character writing/appropriate content and/or made in excess will inflate one's point counter, and may be subject to deletion. Repeated offenses could lead to a warning.
    3. To members who prefer stylizing their posts with HTML coding: Please take care in making sure that the resultant content is legible to other members and, if you are attempting to incorporate music or sound (in whatever format), that an option exists to control the volume/mute it.

  4. Combat Rules

    1. We highly encourage members to try to amicably settle any disputes or ambiguous details among themselves first. If members engaged in combat are incapable of coming to a reasonable agreement, then it would be advisable to contact a staff member to mediate. As such, asking for staff intervention or mediation should be a last resort option, not a first resort.
      • The precise reason for this is that staff will do its best to be impartial mediators. This, of course, means they'll have to listen to all accounts and judge what they feel is the best (often the most logical) conclusion to the sequence of events. This takes time. Time that could be spent writing a post, critiquing an application, or doing life-pertinent things such as work, education, and staving off the inevitable wholesale biological degradation of their very existences with necessary physiological needs. No one enjoys having to mediate a conflict in which the parties are so utterly hostile and contemptuous of one another that they could not come to a civil agreement, which would be the EXACT circumstances that such a mediator is necessary.
      • If you are incapable for any number of reasons, frothing rage included, incapable of resolving things with your aggressor/victim/partner/unwitting instigator of doom and have thus invoked the attention and authority of a staff member to help smooth out the process, please make sure that you are civil to the staff member, clear and upfront about your points, and acquiesce any requests they make for clarifications to better quickly settle the matter. Failure to comply will result in a meteorite appearing.
    2. When engaged in combat, there is a 48 hour period in which participants/combatants are allowed to make their posts within. This applies to each single member, since not everyone writes well under pressure, in the heat of the moment. Some members may require more time to write suitable content than others. And, of course, some still may have questions they wish to ask to staff or their opponents about a course of action. In either scenario, the grace period is set to two days as a reasonable period of time for writing, OR an opportunity, if they somehow become indisposed, to make their absence from the forum known.
      • Once the grace period has expired, and no notice of the member whose turn it is activity or intent to post is made, then the round may proceed to the next in line to post. The unfortunate character of that member whose turn has expired is at the mercy of the whims of his opponents. Be they cruel or just.

      • The grace period can also be preemptively ended if permission of the respective member is gained to pass them. This is the natural result of a member who has gone on absence while in a combat topic. Unlike the above expiration result, said member is not wholly at the mercy of others.
    3. Be considerate with your writing, read that of others who are writing with you and avoid the pitfalls of incorporating the metagame and god-mode into it.
      • The exploiting of the Metagame or meta-knowledge refers to out-of-universe knowledge being given to a character's in-universe knowledge/understanding to gain an advantage. It is one thing to write while using such knowledge in mind, it is another thing to incorporate it into the very actions written.

        Not all acts of metagaming are deliberate, most are just the result of applying your out-of-universe knowledge to an in-universe character who could not reasonably know that. As such, we do not punish such acts if they are corrected accordingly (usually just rephrasing is enough, or omitting the offending claims), unless a member is attempting to gain a clear and deliberate advantage with it. Then the penalty shall be more severe.

      • God-mode is quite simple. While ideally, one would enjoy writing their character and interprets them as the main character of their own story, we must be careful to remember that they are not the sole protagonist of the overall story that is the forum's. This means that they will take damage, they will sometimes fail, and they are above all else, neither perfect, nor immortal nor invincible. To invoke God-mode, in text format, is simply to be a greedy, self-absorbed douchebag. No one else's contributions matter if you gleefully disregard them, ignoring attacks to the character's form like a six year old declaring he or she has an 'anti-everything shield.' At the same time, why should we bother if your punches unlock the secrets of nuclear fission and disintegrate flesh on contact, distorting the very fabric of reality and having its way with statistical probability to always successfully hit? Be reasonable.
    4. There may be more specific rules, but in general, please just do try to have fun writing.

  5. Miscellaneous

    1. Staff reserves the right to review, amend and expand this list to accommodate future issues and concerns.
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General Rules and Information
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